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Laburnum Grove by J B Priestly

We don't appear to have a full programme for this show, however two fragments of the same have been located and are online.  Click Here for Programme Fragment (pdf file, 83,434 bytes).   Copious notes were, however, contained in the files and they are reproduced on this page.

The play was produced on November 28 and 29, 1955 by W W Mackie.  It was directed by Rene Levenspiel.

"An ordinary, even humdrum, suburban family discovers that life is far from dull, when the head of the household reveals that he is not the honest businessman he appears to be.  J B Priestly's light-hearted story of the man who unofficially assisted the work of the Royal Mint has entertained in many countries".

Synopsis of Scenes

The whole action takes place in the living room of the Radfern's house "Ferndale", Laburnum Grove, Shooters Green, North London.

Act I   - Scene 1 - Sunday Evening

Act II  - Scene 1 - Early Monday Morning

Act II  - Scene 2 - Monday Afternoon

Act III - Scene 1 - Monday Evening

Cast in Order of Appearance

  • Elsie Radfern             Mildred Ede
  • Mrs Lucy Baxley         Doris Izzard
  • Bernard Baxley          Bill Gasking
  • George Radfern         Fred Chapman
  • Harold Russ              Paul Reen
  • Joe Fletten               Cyril Fernance
  • Mrs Dorothy Radfern  Sheila Brown
  • Inspector Stack         Aub Brown
  • Sergeant Morris         Terence Tweeny

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